The Central Tube Mini Cable (CTMC) is a customer drop cable, consisting of a central tube filled with low bend radius, no waterpeak G.657.A1 fibres, finished with aramid yarns (as strenght-elements) and a polypropylene outer jacket. This cable has a small outside diameter and is ideal for blowing in microtubes in the Access Network. Installation: blowing into microducts of 5.5 mm. (inside diameter)


Product characteristics
Cable type CTMC
Fibre type Single mode 9/125
Optical fibre standard ITU-T G.657.A1
Cable metal free Yes
Strain relief Yes
Material outer sheath Polypropylene
Colour outer sheath Black
Test procedures EN IEC 60794-1-2
Application Outside
Blow in Yes
Optical specification
Max. attenuation @ 1310 nm 0.38 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1550 nm 0.25 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1625 nm 0.28 dB/km
Environmental specification
Operational temperature range Ta1 - Tb1 -30/70 °C
Operational temperature range Ta2 - Tb2 -40/70 °C
UV resistant Yes
Grouped product items
article number Description Outer diameter approx. Weight (kg) Min. bending radius after installation Min. bending radius during installation Tensile load short term (Tm) Tensile load Long Term (Tl) Compare
74921 2x SM G.657.A1 (1x2) 3,9 mm 0.012 45 mm 55 mm 320 N 80 N
74920 4x SM G.657.A1 (1x4) 3,9 mm 0.012 45 mm 55 mm 320 N 80 N
74923 6x SM G.657.A1 (1x6) 3,9 mm 0.012 45 mm 55 mm 320 N 80 N
74927 8x SM G.657.A1 (1x8) 3,9 mm 0.013 45 mm 55 mm 320 N 80 N