Multi tube cable
DBT 3 x 14/10 mm orange


Product characteristics
Material HDPE
Metal-free Yes
Colour outer sheath Orange
Number of pipes 3
Outer diameter multi tube cable 29.8 mm
Sheath thickness 0.9 mm
Obsolete Nee
Number of tubes 3
Tubes type Tube DB (thick wall)
Tubes diameter 14/10
Tubes colour options Translucent with longitudinal stripes
Tubes inner surface Ribbed inner surface
Tubes colour Refer to drawing
Halogen free Yes
Chemical resistance No
Weight (kg) 0.200
Application Outside
Mechanical specification
Min. bending radius during installation 1045 mm
Suitable for Direct burial
Impact strength 5 J
Tensile load 1000 N
Crush resistance 1500 N/dm
Suitbale for internal pressure 16 bar
Environmental specification
Operating temperature, flexible -10/50 °C
Operating temperature, fixed -20/60 °C
Transportation and storage temperature -40/60 °C
Other specification
Marking ACE - TKF - MC - DB - DRT - 3 x 14x2.0 mm - 507403 {Batch} {Year} {Length} M
Logistical specifications
Unit meter
Default packaging H X 1400
Length on drum 1400 m