ACEcab Passive Cabinets

ACEcab Passive Cabinets

The inner construction is designed for an easy and fast installation for various applications.

The modularity offers options as:

• only splicing cables with ACE splice trays
• patching fibres on a patchpanel, different connectors/adapters are possible
• apply plug and play splitters to splice or to patch the in-/output ports

There are different cable entries available and sufficient space for mounting direct buried tubes to the backframe.


The primary use of the ACEcab passive street cabinet series is distribution and manipulation point in a fibre network with buried (multi duct) cables.

High fibre count cables come into the cabinet from a central office and are distributed to cables to connect a single subscriber, multi dwelling units, offices, business premises, etc.


• Attractive modular design
• Swing frame technology for easy access
• Modular splice system for single circuit / single element splicing
• Tube management
• Overlength storage of cables
• Plug and play splitter solutions
• Minimum installation time
• Secured fibre and cable routing
• Modular components in the entire housing (building blocks)
• IP54 protection

TKF can offer a range of ACEcab passive streetcabinets for a lot of applications. For the right solution please contact your TKF sales representative.

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