Corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming the subject of discussion in the commercial sector. Whereas efficiency and cost savings were initially the reasons for sustainable entrepreneurship, the focus is now on attitude and behaviour. TKF has been well aware of its social responsibility for sustainability for years. Corporate Social Responsibility is therefore one of TKF's strategic and future-oriented key areas.

TKF takes into consideration the impact of its operations on the four components below:

The social aspect of entrepreneurship for TKF staff.

  • Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment;
  • Providing opportunities for development, thereby retaining and engaging TKF employees;
  • Being socially responsible toward the organisation as an employer.

Concern about the environment and climate change, effect of entrepreneurship on the natural environment.

  • TKF contributes to a better climate with an energy reduction programme;
  • More efficient commodity chains through reduction and separation of waste.

The economic aspect of entrepreneurship, precondition for the continuity of TKF.

  • Ingenuity as one of the pillars at TKF for further growth;
  • Sustainability in the chain.

The position and distinctive character of the company in the area.

  • A balanced and sustainable product and customer portfolio;
  • TKF provides (sponsor) contributions to society;
  • Maintaining a good reputation.

These four Ps are consistent themes at TKF and are subject to continuous assessment by stakeholders. This partly explains why increased attention has recently been paid to its CO2 emissions. One of the effects of the CO2 reduction programme is the TKF Carbon Footprint. CSR is substantiated in short- and long-term plans.


Circular economy is becoming increasingly important for TKF, because raw materials (such as copper, aluminum, oil and gas) are becoming scarcer and the mountain of waste is constantly growing. The demand for the reuse and recycling of products and raw materials is constantly increasing as a result.

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TKF is aware that the expectations of its stakeholders are determined by their own circumstances. Therefore, CSR is not the ultimate goal for TKF but a continuous process.

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