TKF is aware that the expectations of its stakeholders are determined by their own circumstances. Therefore, CSR is not the ultimate goal for TKF but a continuous process.

TKF has conducted large-scale research into the expectations of its external stakeholders, including customers, partners, suppliers and the government.

Inventoried expectations have led to the following CSR priorities, among others:

  • Structured attention to employee satisfaction surveys and the TKF training plan;
  • Continued focus on a safe and healthy work environment within the company, for both employees and visitors to TKF;
  • Minimisation of nuisance (e.g. noise and vibration complaints) for the neighbourhood residents of TKF;
  • Signing of the Code of Supply by all vendors. Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of this;
  • More sustainable innovations, products and recycling of materials. TKF addresses this in cooperation with various customers.

TKF will continue and maintain the dialogue on CSR with stakeholders in future.