Fibre optic splitter is a network component that distributes incoming light (one or two input fibers) in equal parts towards multiple output fibers (2-64). Splitters are available with 250 µm bare fibers, 900µm buffered fibers and 2.0 mm cords. Input and output cords and fibers can have various lengths and can be terminated by optical connectors. ACE fibre optic splitters can be integrated inside several products and/or applications in combination with keen fibre or cable management systems.

Splitter 1:8
SC/APC 8° d:2.0 mm l1/l2:0.0/6.5 m


Product characteristics
Family PLC
Length housing 100 mm
Width housing 105 mm
Height of housing 18 mm
Length of cord 6.5 m
Cable diameter 2.0 mm (KW -1715)
Number of outputs 8
Other specification
Optical fibre standard ITU-T G.657.A1
Type of connector SC/APC
Wave band 1260/1650 nm