The Dry Direct Access Cable Dca (D-DAC Dca) is a light-weight, nonmetallic, direct-buried customer drop cable for universal applications. This cable is robust, water-protected and has a flame retardant outersheath. The cable has a flexible, easystrippable sheath and small diameter, making it perfectly suitable for indoor routing. The glass-fibres are dry-buffered, for fast and easy stripping and peeling. The D-DAC is suitable for installation outdoor (directly into the ground, above ground on facades) and indoor (horizontal and vertical cable channels). Especially due to its fully dry design (no jelly), the cable can be applied as riser cable. This cable is intended for connecting homes in high-rise buildings (MDU's) from the last underground distribution-point in the Access network, without any transitionpoints. This product offers a perfect, fast and cost effective solution for ‘Fibre To The Home' connections in MDU’s.


Product characteristics
Cable type DAC
Fibre type Single mode 9/125
Optical fibre standard ITU-T G.657.A1
Cable metal free Yes
Strain relief Yes
Material outer sheath LSZH
Colour outer sheath Black
Test procedures EN IEC 60794-1-2
Application Inside/Outside
Optical specification
Max. attenuation @ 1310 nm 0.38 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1550 nm 0.25 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1625 nm 0.3 dB/km
Environmental specification
Longitudinal watertight construction Super Absorbing Polymer
Installation temperature -10/50 °C
Operational temperature range Ta1 - Tb1 -30/70 °C
Max. attenuation increase during Ta1 - Tb1 0.05 dB
Operational temperature range Ta2 - Tb2 -40/70 °C
Max. attenuation increase during Ta2 - Tb2 0.15 dB
UV resistant Yes
UV-protection ISO 4892/2
Other specification
Halogen free IEC 60754-1&2 / EN 50257-2-1 / EN 50267-2-2 / EN50267-2-3
Vertical flame propagation (for single cable) IEC 60332-1-2 / EN 50265-2-1
Grouped product items
Article number Description Outer diameter approx. Netto Weight (kg/m) Min. bending radius during installation Tensile load short term (Tm) Tensile load Long Term (Tl) Min. bending radius after installation
75469 2x SM G.657.A1 (1x2) 5,9 mm 0.04 45 mm 1000 N 300 N 60 mm
75471 4x SM G.657.A1 (1x4) 5,9 mm 0.041 45 mm 1000 N 300 N 60 mm
75472 6x SM G.657.A1 (1x6) 5,9 mm 0.041 45 mm 1000 N 300 N 60 mm
75473 8x SM G.657.A1 (1x8) 5,9 mm 0.041 45 mm 1000 N 300 N 60 mm
75474 12x SM G.657.A1 (1x12) 5,9 mm 0.041 45 mm 1000 N 300 N 60 mm
75548 24x SM G.657.A1 (1x24) 6,0 mm 0.043 45 mm 1000 N 300 N 60 mm