LTMC-S 200µm

The Loose Tube Mini Cable ‘Slim’ (LTMC-S) is a non-metallic, longitudinal water-protected fibre optic cable, with smallest possible outer diameter and optimized fibre density. This cable is perfectly suitable for Access or FTTx applications, where high fibre-count cables in smallest tube-diameter are needed. Installation: blowing into miniducts.


Product characteristics
Strip method 1 Rip cord
Type of strain relief FRP
Optical fibre standard ITU-T G.657.A2 200 µm
Outer sheath thickness 0,4 mm
Number of layers 1 Layer
Cable metal free Yes
Optical element Loose tube, gel filled
Material outer sheath HDPE
Colour outer sheath Black
Strain relief Yes
Cable type LTMC
Fibre type Single mode 9/125
Test procedures EN IEC 60794-1-2
Standardization EN IEC 60794-5-10
Euro fire class according to EN 13501-6 Fca
Blow in Yes
Application Outside
Mechanical specification
Crush load E3A long application time 10 min
Striking surface radius 300 mm
Torsion resistance 360 °/m
Optical specification
Max. attenuation @ 1625 nm 0,25 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1550 nm 0,22 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1310 nm 0,35 dB/km
Category according to EN 50173 OS2
Environmental specification
TC sample length for TC acc. F1 or F12 1000 m
Transportation and storage temperature -45/70 °C
Longitudinal watertight construction Super Absorbing Polymer
Installation temperature -15/55 °C
UV resistant Yes
Cable longitudinally watertight Yes
Longitudinal water blocking Yes
Other specification
Halogen free (acc. EN 60754-1/2) Yes
Grouped product items
Article number Description Outer diameter approx. Tensile load short term (Tm) Tensile load Long Term (Tl) Min. bending radius during installation Min. bending radius after installation Netto Weight (kg/m)
77429 48x SM G.657.A2 200µm (4x12) 4,5 mm 800 N 150 N 90 mm 68 mm 0.016
77431 72x SM G.657.A2 200µm (6x12) 4,5 mm 800 N 150 N 90 mm 68 mm 0.017
77426 96x SM G.657.A2 200µm (8x12) 5,2 mm 800 N 150 N 100 mm 75 mm 0.025
77436 144x SM G.657.A2 200µm (6x24) 5,6 mm 1900 N 800 N 110 mm 85 mm 0.026
77435 144x SM G.657.A2 200µm (12x12) 6,8 mm 800 N 150 N 90 mm 68 mm 0.043
77432 192x SM G.657.A2 200µm (8x24) 6,5 mm 2500 N 250 N 130 mm 95 mm 0.04
77464 216x SM G.657.A2 200µm (9x24) 7,0 mm 4000 N 750 N 140 mm 105 mm 0.048