In February 2020 we informed you about our smallest mini cable 288fo with diameter 8,1 mm. Now we are pleased to introduce its ‘big brother’: LTMC-S PA 576x SM G.657.A2 ((9+15)x24), cable diameter 10,3 mm.

The new LTMC-S PA 576fo is designed for air blown installation in micro ducts of 16/12, 20/15 or larger. With its low weight and reduced diameter, in combination with a low friction polyamide outer sheath, this cable is the perfect solution for situations where blowing of mini cable over long distances in the shortest possible time slot is needed. This cable is extremely suitable for Access or FTTx applications, where high fibre count cables in the smallest tube diameter are required.

More information about the new LTMC-S PA 576o is available here.