This year, TKF celebrates her 90th birthday. We are extremely proud to have realised this wonderful milestone. A milestone in which we look back on 90 years of connecting and one in which we take a look at the future of TKF.

TKF was founded in 1930 by Johannes Cornelis van der Lof. It all dates back to his decision to start his own cable factory, the NV Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF) in Haaksbergen, during the crisis. Now – 90 years after TKF was founded, TKF has, with currently over 675 employees, grown to a leading company that connects people and technology around the globe with safe and reliable data- and energy connections.

It is almost impossible to miss the orange TKF reels, wherever you may go. With our products we are technologically seen indispensable in the society while realising connections that contribute to important themes, now and in the future. Think of the energy transition or the continually growing need for bandwidth and transmission capacity for data-transmissions.

Dutch Craftsmanship
Looking back on the success of the past years, TKF’s employees have been a critical factor and are practically unmissable. De people behind TKF make the difference. TKF is proud of the craftsmanship that still exists with cable solutions from Dutch soil. At this very moment TKF is home to a numerous amount of second or even third generations of employees of those that started so many years ago.

Strategically thinking ahead
In the 90 years of her existence TKF has, as a Dutch cable manufacturer, contributed greatly to the society. With that, TKF has made wonderful progress when it comes to developing new technologies and coming up with innovative ideas and creations. TKF seeks to continue this trend and follow these developments closely in the future. By doing so, TKF puts the focus on strategically thinking ahead and continuing to innovate. This should prepare us for challenges that we will face in future market developments. With the proper service and solutions to scale, TKF wants to contribute to the success of her customers. Strong and long-term customer relationships are key in this vision.

TKF wants to thank all of her customers and partners for contributing to her success over the past 90 years and looks forward to continue this successful cooperation.