With a break-through in miniaturization of mini cables, TKF introduces the LTMC-S PA 288fo cable, a super slim cable, with a considerably smaller diameter.

Until today, TKF’s mini cable portfolio ranged up to 288 fibres, in a single-layer design, with for example a diameter of 10,0 mm for our LTMC-S 288fo. With our new super slim cable, based on ultra-thin sized tubes of new raw-materials in a double-layer design, the diameter is considerably smaller: 8,1 mm (about 20% down in size!). In combination with its low-friction polyamide (PA) sheath and low weight, this cable generates an optimized blowing performance and has increased fibre-density, and therefore improves the utilization rate of the micro duct.

The new LTMC-S PA 288fo is designed for air blown installation in micro ducts of 14/10, 16/12, or larger. This development is a real break-through in our miniaturization process of mini cables.

We intend to launch more high fibre count mini cables (up to 576fo) soon.

More information about the new LTMC-S PA 288fo is available here.