On 30 September, TKF became the winner of the first Unica Innovation Challenge, a concept that was initiated to encourage chain partners to take new initiatives in the areas of sustainability, productivity and connectivity. During the final, the pitch from TKF to transport energy and data over hybrid fibre optic / copper cables emerged as the most appealing innovation concept. Unica makes an investment budget available to further develop the solution together with TKF.


The final of the Unica Innovation Challenge took place in a Dragons’ Den-like setting in the new office at De Beek in Hoevelaken. Just like the TV program, TKF and the other two finalists were given the opportunity to present their innovative and sustainable concept to a professional jury. TKF, Signify and Technische Unie presented their concept one by one to the jury, which consisted of John Quist (CEO), Bert Moser (CFO), Stefan te Veluwe (Innovation Center manager), William Swinkels (general director Building Projects) and Herbert Rabelink (general director of Building Services).


Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, presented a solution for 3D-printed light fixtures. This offers both the ability to produce on demand and opportunities to incorporate more intelligence and functionality into luminaires. The Technische Unie developed a concept to optimize the logistics movements on the construction site, among other things by applying intelligent location technology. Finally, TKF presented the idea for transporting energy and data over hybrid fiber optic / copper cables, which can be a powerful stimulator for the implementation of 5G technology..


After the enthusiastic presentations of the very diverse pitches, the jury ultimately opted for TKF's solution. TKF received the Unica Innovation Challenge Award 2019 from John Quist. Dik Geelen (Director Procurement & Supply Chain) “All pitched ideas were very well thought out. The reason for opting for TKF is that it offers Unica the opportunity, together with our chain partner TKF, to develop a concept around digital electricity that will make buildings suitable for 5G, among other things. ”Together with TKF, Unica's Innovation Center will be wiring for digital power, further develop and implement transmission. John Quist: “At Unica we welcome all innovative and sustainable initiatives. We would therefore like to see the finalists, who have not won, continue to work out and realize their ideas together with Unica.

Stefan te Veluwe: “The Unica Innovation Center focuses on innovations that can lead to new concepts. The innovation of TKF solves a number of fundamental problems that enable us to develop new concepts for the future. Think of making buildings ready for 5G quickly and reliable, but also other applications where large amounts of data and energy must be transported in a safe, reliable and fast way, such as applications within hospitals public infrastructure, sensor networks and industrial processes. With this, TKF and Unica give substance to an important pillar of the digital future: reliable and secure data transmission”.

The challenge is an initiative of the Procurement & Supply Chain department of Unica, in collaboration with the Unica Innovation Center.