Innovating connectivity

Our Competence Centre team is at the hub of our innovations. They are the people who listen to what you need, take on board the challenges you are facing and draw on their own insights and creativity to produce a solution. Whether it is for establishing a broadband network in a rural area, for civil engineering in rocky ground or for meeting any other exceptional requirements, our strength lies in seeing the bigger picture.

Drawing on experience

We have nearly 90 years of experience behind us and our expertise covers every level of cable and connectivity, from choosing the right cable to configuring cable connections, from advising on international guidelines to designing the layout of a fibre optic network. With the latest technology at our fingertips, we can bring solutions to life even before the testing stage. At our R&D centre, design drawings become 3D models, standard cables combine with tailor-made products, and processes become cost-effective deployments.

Sharing knowledge

Our R&D and Competence Centre team are not limited to just one place though: you will find our innovators in every part of our organisation and in every key country. Our people work closely together sharing their knowledge of the local market and terrain so that you get the broadest possible scope of in-depth expertise. It is only when every aspect is considered and the wildest ideas explored that we can really speak of innovation.

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