Robotic Measuring Solution (RMS)

A SMART time saving solution

With the development of the Internet of Things an enormous operation is underway throughout the world to connect every house, building or object to an optical fibre network.

In the coming years France will connect approximately 28 million addresses to optical fibre and in Germany at least 41 million homes will be connected!

Currently all these measurements need to be carried out manually.
28 million addresses in France and 41 million in Germany will be connected to a fibre optic network
A street cabinet has between 500 and 1000 connections, so it will take at least 2 full days to check all these connections.

As manual testing is costly and not indisputable, TKF Telecom has developed a SMART time saving solution: the Robotic Measuring Solution, which enables full automated testing of fibre optic networks.

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