Dedicated to fibre manufacturing

Founded in 1998, Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd (TFO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the TKH Group NV. It is our high-tech manufacturer of optical fibre and fibre optic cable, ahead of its field and a natural in innovation. 

With the TKF and TFO research and development teams continually working closely together, they can foresee and respond to the different market demands across the globe. So much so, that the specifications required for the cables of tomorrow are already seen as standard for the TFO cables of today. And as TFO has only the latest in manufacturing technology in place, our customers know their cables will fully meet their demands, be of the highest quality, and provide the best solution at the right price. It is their dedication to fibre manufacturing that makes TFO a world-class innovator.